Founded in 1855, Pretoria, also nicknamed the Jacaranda City, is well known across the world for its streets that is lined with around 50 000 Jacaranda trees. These Jacaranda trees bloom around October which is the same time as the local university students are writing their big exams and it's a local belief that if a purple flower falls on your head it's good luck.

Having a humid subtropical climate, Pretoria is situated in a transition belt between the Highveld to the south and the lower-lying Bushveld to the north, which makes for long rainy summers and short mild winters.

Being the administrative capital of South Africa, the suburbs around the Union Buildings are where you will find more consulates and embassy’s than anywhere else in Africa. Multiple large national and international corporations are also situated in Pretoria.

Pretoria is one of South Africa's leading academic cities and is home to both the largest residential university in South Africa, the largest distance education university and a research intensive university.

The pace of life in Pretoria is a little slower and more laid back than in Johannesburg, but you still have all the benefits of a large and fully developed metropolitan city.

These are just some of the factors that makes Pretoria one of the most sought after cities in South Africa to live in.